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auticon Australia
Sydney, Australia
IT Consultant (Embedded project)

We currently have a fantastic embedded role waiting for the right engineer. The responsibilities involve taking a robotics project from MVP to production and working with the client in debugging and improving the unit.

The core driver is a raspberry pi, driven over serial via a C# API (API is built and maintained by another team member). The parameters are very simple and requires someone with only a mild exposure to mechatronics.

The main skills required are as follows:

- 'bug' soldering

- C++

- serial232

- willingness to learn about and execute some 3d printing

If this sounds like you and you have an autistic diagnosis (or one pending), please don't hesitate to contact aidan.millar-powell@auticon.com


auticon Australia are always looking for experienced IT consultants to take on a wide array of roles across QA, Data Analysis, Software Engineering, and cyber security